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Friday 9th March

#Pressforprogress #lovemefirst

What a wonderful festival week!


What started out as a planning meeting for how we could run our Festival Day, turned into 6 dynamic women planning a Festival Week!


We swiftly realised:

  • You cannot capture all the Hornsby Ku-ring-gai area has to offer women on one day that potentially has conflicting events.

  • International Women’s Day is an opportunity for many of the local women’s organisations to raise awareness of what they do and raise much needed funds.

  • There was no central space for how to access all that information

  • You can moan about a lack or you can be the change you want to see!


The Hornsby Ku-ring-gai International Women’s Day Festival Organising Committee was born!


We met each Monday morning at 7.30am at the PCYC Hornsby Ku-ring-gai. The staff at the PCYC are fantastic, the space welcoming and the parking easy!


This was our first year of considering this event as a week-long festival and there was much we wanted to include that we could not manage this time round. We needed more hands-on deck and more feet on the ground, so this year we focused on building awareness of ourselves as a service for others. No hidden agenda, we would simply like to promote the International Women’s Day events that are happening across the Hornsby Ku-ring-gai area by hosting a website and producing a booklet of events.


The Festival Finale market day would be our fundraiser for a Local Women’s Wellbeing Fund that small organisations could access for seed funding connected communities and primary prevention projects. We will enjoy seeing what this looks like over the coming year.


The website was built, new flags and banners made, community organisations and businesses contacted and within 3 months the event was on.


There are, of course, many things we can learn from the event to build a more solid foundation next year and we are more aware of some key skills we lacked in our team, but focusing on what we did achieve for an on behalf of a large area, well we think we did well for our first time!


We hope the pictures of each of our events tell a story!


With all the demands and expectations of modern life, our #pressforprogress focus has to include placing ourselves higher up our list of priorities - to avoid burn out or getting overwhelmed


So, come and feel spoilt and experience some #lovemefirst.

  • Mini massages

  • Nutritional guidance and take home recipes

  • Making your own flower crown

  • Hand and Nail art

  • Stalls from local community groups sharing our multi-cultural nature and services

  • Domestic violence support and local women's services

  • Opportunities to connect with local business and financial services which have taylored services for women

  • Live Broadcast through local community radio Triple H 100.1fm

  • Raffle with great prizes

  • Tombolla

  • Rotary BBQ

  • Pebble painting

Check out the photos previous events below.

We have opportunities for sponsors and stallholders to participate if they feel they have a treat to offer local women. Please complete this survey to register your interest to have a stall.

We will be fundraising for a new Local Women’s Wellbeing Fund through raffle sales and donations.


All profits raised from this event will go into a fund, to be managed by the Rotary Club of Wahroonga, which will support seed funding for women's wellbeing initiatives in the local community in the coming year. These are not the grand initiatives that can look for funding from a government grant, but the ones that just need a helping hand with things that fall below the radar of most grant applications.


We would really like to raise $5,000 and genuinely hope to blow that figure out of the water and surpass it - with your help we can do that.


Remember we are investing in our wellbeing which has enormous implications for the wellbeing and health of our families, neighbours and community. We all matter.

Promoting the event:
We want as many people as possible coming to this event and seeing what amazing support we offer in the Hornsby and Ku-ring-gai area. Please encourage your network to like our Facebook page and to sign up to the newsletter from our website for details of the event, money raised and plans for distribution of the funds. 

Flower Power
Flower Power
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Art of the Flower
Art of the Flower
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Love Intimo
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